SHUAILab or the SUTD HUman Augmentation & Interaction Laboratory, is a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research lab, located in the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). SHUAILab stands for Our research interests are broad, but we tend to focus on interaction with mobile and wearable devices, assistive technologies, virtual and augmented reality. The lab was founded by Kenny Choo and Simon Perrault, who are faculty in the Information Systems Technology and Design pillar in SUTD.

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  • 09/07/2021: Katherine’s PhD Defense
    Three days after Ngoc, Katherine also defended her thesis, titled “Unifying Command Selection Mechanisms on Mobile Devices with Soft Keyboard Shortcuts (SoftCuts)”. During her 50 minutes presentation she told us everything […]
  • 06/07/2021: Ngoc successfully defended her PhD!
    On tuesday, 6th of July 2021, Ngoc presented her work on resource sharing for mobile devices. After her 50 minutes presentation, she answered question from her committee and was ultimately awarded […]
  • Mobile HCI 2021 Paper: Understanding User Strategies When Touching Arbitrary Shaped Objects
    In a single day, most of us will point and click on dozens if not hundreds of widgets. While we can all generally assume that we tend to target the “center” […]
  • UMAP 2021 Paper: Intelligent Shifting Cues
    We recently got a UMAP paper accepted, called Intelligent shifting cues: increasing the awareness of multi-device interaction opportunities. As people around the world are getting access to more and more smart […]
  • CHI 2021: One Civic Tech Paper Accepted
    Despite a challenging summer and a global pandemic, our lab managed to get one paper accepted at CHI 2021. The paper’s title is “Nudge for Reflection: More than Just a Channel […]

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