We got 2 Accepted Papers at AVI 2020

Our lab got two accepted papers at AVI 2020.

The first one, Pose Estimation for Facilitating Movement Learning from Online Videos presents a system that allows people to workout from home with video tutorials (e.g. YouTube videos). In this paper, we investigated which graphical elements of the interface may allow users to follow tutorials closely and correct pose errors.

The second paper, Vibrotactile Feedback for Vertical 2D Space Exploration presents a wearable device that may help people located objects in a 2D vertical plane in front of them. In this research, we decided to encode X and Y coordinates/informations using either continuous or discrete encoding, and found out that the most efficient way to convey positional information is to use discrete encoding on the Y axis and continuous encoding on the X axis. These results are in continuation of the work we did on digital map exploration and assistive technologies.

Both papers are available on arxiv: Pose EstimationVibrotactile Feedback.

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