Our Input Methods for Soft Keyboard Hotkeys was accepted at Mobile HCI 2020

We are very proud to announce that our paper “Investigating Performance and Usage of Input Methods for Soft Keyboard Hotkeys” has been conditionally accepted to Mobile HCI 2020.

In that work, we formalized the concept of Soft Keyboard Hotkeys, which are shortcuts displayed on soft keyboards (on phone or tablet). In the paper, we especially focus on three different input methods to activate them: Swipe, Tap+Tap (Once), Hold (User Maintained).

Soft Keyboard Hotkeys can be activated by tapping on the modifier key in the bottom left or right of a soft keyboard on mobile devices, just like physical hotkeys (i.e. CTRL or CMD keys)

In our first experiment, we compared the performance of these methods in one and two-handed scenarios, and included different devices (Phone, Tablet) and Orientation (Landscape, Portrait) and found out that Once (Tap+Tap) was usually the fastest input method. In a second experiment, users were tested on Phone and Tablet in different mobility conditions. We allowed them to use any of the three methods anytime and observed that users tended to primarily use Once, while relying secondarily on Swipe on Phone and User Maintained on Tablet.

A pre-print version of the paper is available here.

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