Kenny CHOO (树炜)

Kenny is a senior lecturer in the ISTD pillar of SUTD. He has 13 years of experience working in Human Computer Interaction. His research focuses on interaction sensing and understanding with sensors to support empathetic computing. He has previously worked in research institutions such as DSO and A*STAR. He obtained his PhD from Singapore Management University.



Simon is an assistant professor in the ISTD pillar of SUTD. Before that he was visiting professor at KAIST (Korea) and assistant professor at Yale-NUS College (Singapore). He got his PhD degree from Telecom ParisTech (France). His research focuses on wearable devices, haptics and civic tech.


Postdoctoral Researchers

No postdoctoral researchers at the moment.

PhD Students

GAO Jie (洁)

PhD Student

“Gao Jie is a PhD student in ISTD pillar at SUTD. She received her M.Eng. under information product design in 2019 from Zhejiang University, China, where she found her interest focused on the intersection between human emotion and design. After that she extended her interest to human and design, including human behaviour patterns and business models.

Beyond research, she is also interested in statistics and finance.”


Katherine FENNEDY

PhD Student

“Katherine’s research focuses on designing and evaluating techniques in the context of modes, command selection tasks and mixed reality environment. She draws her inspiration from daily interaction with food, friends and family: the 3 Fs without which her liFe would just be a lie. Previously, she completed her bachelor from ISTD pillar at SUTD, while constantly dabbling with projects involving mobile/web development and user interface design.”


NGUYEN Thi Ngoc (Nguyễn Thị Ngọc)

PhD Student

“Ngoc is a PhD candidate in Human-Computer Interaction at Singapore University of Technology and Design. Her research focuses on identifying usability challenges and designing user interfaces and interactions that support meaningful device shifts and resource sharing among multiple devices in ubiquitous computing environments.”


Gionnieve Lim

PhD Student

“Gionnieve is a PhD candidate at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. Her research area is on the intersection of human-computer interaction with civic technology and with misinformation. She previously completed her bachelor’s degree at SUTD where she worked on user interface design and research projects.”


zeynep duygu Tekler

PhD Student

“Zeynep is a PhD Candidate at Singapore University of Technology and Design, under the SUTD-MIT International Design Centre. Her research focuses on developing occupancy-driven plug load control systems, which combines indoor localization technologies, automated plug load identification, and user interfaces using machine learning approaches to maximize energy savings in office spaces. She previously worked with A*STAR and is currently a visiting student at the Berkeley Education Alliance for Research in Singapore (BEARS/SinBerBest) Centre.”

Master students

Nurhadi AHMAD

Master of Innovation by Design (IbD)


Pavithren S/o V S Pakianathan (Viren, பவித்ரன் பாக்கியநாதன்)

Master of Engineering


alethea HO

Master of Engineering


No interns at the moment.


Camellia ZAKARIA: Postdoctoral researcher – 2020

Angad SRIVASTAVA (ਅੰਗਦ ਸ਼੍ਰੀਵਾਸਤਵ): Intern (Yale-NUS College, Singapore) – Summer 2020

Atima THARATIPYAKUL (อาทิมา ธาราทิพยกุล): PhD Student – Graduated in August 2020

Denice Jocelyn TUINHOF: Master Intern (Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam, the Netherlands) – Spring 2020

Emilie LAURENT: Master Intern (Université de Namur, Belgium) – Spring 2020

YANG Yifan (一帆): Master Intern (Zhejiang University, China) – Fall 2019

Alexandre GREAU: Master Intern (Université Sophia-Antipolis, France) – Summer 2019

Lancelot DUPONT: Master Intern (PHELMA-Grenoble, France) – Summer 2019

GU Guanjie (冠杰): Undergraduate Intern (Zhejiang University, China) – Summer 2019

ZHANG Meng (萌): Undergraduate Intern (Zhejiang University, China) – Summer 2019

Nini Yen Ning CHANG (晏寧): Undergraduate Intern (Yale-NUS College, Singapore) – Summer 2019